from by Void Boys



Sometimes i realize i’ll never be Frida
and sometimes i realize that stairs are made for climbing
and even if i never become famous
at least i know that it never hurt trying
no one ever knows if they’re going to be remembered
until it’s all over and they’re six feet under
Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime
so maybe that means that means that i still have time to shine
at least when i die
i’ll know i tried
And even the fools who think that they have made it
claiming that they’re wise and swearing they can prove it
if i walk away with a little bit of knowledge
it’s that we’re all nothing wasting time
like engines keep stalling
so let’s all be honest
we’re all afraid to be forgotten
if all we’ve got to look forward to
is slowly rotting
so really there is no point
in saying there is no point
of wasting my life
wasting my time on these silly little rhymes
at least when i die
i’ll know i tried


from Glamorpus, released August 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Void Boys San Francisco, California

"...terrible to the point of being indiscernible as music....but has for sure crossed over the crucial threshold from bad-bad to good-bad" - Uptown Almanac

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